About Bernadett

I created the Womanly Art Of Birth, merging my social and scientific studies.

Expecting a baby is not only a biological event, neither is giving birth an “illness”. When I am supporting an expecting family, I am receiving them as whole human beings, acknowledging their level of knowledge regarding pregnancy and birth, respecting their wishes, their life stories, beliefs and choices.

During my midwifery studies, I gained great knowledge on anatomy; pharmacology; changes during pregnancy; common and rare health problems during pregnancy; foetal development; hormonal changes during pregnancy, birth and postpartum; birth physiology; emotional changes and mental health issues; infant feeding; care of the new born; postnatal care and so on.

This knowledge is essential to the program I built. This knowledge has enabled me to build up my practice with the intention of giving the best possible information for families, on pregnancy and birth to enable them to make informed decisions.


Antenatal Classes

Everything you need to know to make informed choices confidently for yourself and your family.

Hypnobirthing Classes

Learn and use HypnoBirthing to have a peaceful birth where you feel confident and in control.

Maiden to Mother Classes

Dedicated to facilitating the rite of passage every woman has to go through when becoming a mother.

Parenting Skills Workshops

Preparing you to be the best version of yourself when it comes to looking after your little one(s).

Doula Service

My passion, as a Doula, is to solely focus on my client and advocate for their wishes and their decisions. I aim to build a deep connection throughout your pregnancy. I can then give the best support during labour, birth, and the postpartum period.

I dedicate my experience and knowledge to empowering parents. I want them to lay down a healthy and strong basis for their parenting journey.


How It Works


Initial Chat

Let’s get to know each other over a cup of tea (maybe even a slice of cake)


Based on our chat I will recommend the most appropriate Doula Support for you



I support you through your pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum


See What People Think

Lili Cseh
Lili Cseh
13 December 2022
I always knew that one day, when I became pregnant, I would definitely want to give birth to my child at home. I read a great book where midwives helped deliver children in completely natural conditions. I wished to have that too and that's how I found Bernadett. I felt that I would need someone who could mentally support and help us on this journey, especially during labour and birth. I have to say that fate brought me together with the perfect person, woman. There is some ancient, visceral wisdom and strength in it, when a woman supports another. I am indescribably grateful to Bernadett for her support, her kindness and the certainty she invested in me that I would be able to give birth to my child. So my confidence in this regard increased enormously! In the end, I gave birth to my child in a hospital, as unfortunately they couldn't send a midwife to our home, but it was a wonderful and powerful experience. Every minute was a real treasure. Thank you, dear Bernadett!! I am grateful for everything! ❤️❤️❤️
Elena Chudijasaite
Elena Chudijasaite
22 February 2022
I had a Hypnobirthing course with lovely Bernadett and I would say this was the best thing what I've done during pregnancy. I gain so much knowledge about birthing and the whole science behind it. She made me to understand the whole process better, especially with a first baby, and prepare my mind in a very positive way. Positive thoughts and being relaxed, that's what I needed during this time! I also want to thank Bernadett for all the support she gave me, even in the most unexpected situations.. everyone's experience is different and it's just so good to have such a knowledgable and experienced person, I can ask advice for. Thank you 🙂🌸
Stephanie Barbosa
Stephanie Barbosa
17 May 2021
I hired Bernadett after the traumatic birth of my first child left me terrified of giving birth again. When I initially contacted her in the middle of my second pregnancy, she warmly listened to my story and gave me the compassion i needed to start finally processing the trauma, 4.5 years after the event. I knew from her gentle and warm approach that she would be the right doula for me, to empower me to get through this scary time and to increase my chances of having a memorable birth for all the right reasons this time. I wasn't disappointed. Bernadett delivered everything I had hoped and more. I feel I wouldn't have had the confidence and wisdom to make the right choices for me had I not had her by my side. I particularly would reccommend her to anyone who suffered a traumatic birth as her knowledge of birth rights, her knowledge of both physiological and medicalised birth and her empathetic personality were all so essential for me. I am one very happy new mum, and a big part of that is thanks to the amazing support I received from Bernadett 🤗

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