Welcome to the Womanly Art of Birth

The Womanly Art of Birth is about us, women being on the journey of becoming mothers, acknowledging our past; the present as the perinatal period; and it looks ahead into our future.

I like to look at it from a wider angle, not just pregnancy, birth and the first few months. I feel it’s more of a ‘snapshot’ approach when there is more to it than ‘meets the eye’.

Womanly reflects the feminine (everyone who identifies as such) as a whole. The journey of our whole life, from little girls through adolescence, our life challenges, milestones, experiences and now the big transition of becoming a mother.

The Art reflects partly the art of living (womanly art of living), but most importantly the art of this transition (where Birth reflects the pinnacle of transition), the fine orchestration of such personal ‘evolution’.

My approach is based on the bio-psycho-social (cultural) and spiritual model. This is a model which looks at the person as a whole. Many people refer to this as a holistic approach, but I feel this term has become overused and lost its meaning.

The biological and psychological state of women, for example during the perinatal period, cannot be separated from our lives, how we lived before, and how our health was before (mental and physical). Subsequently how becoming mothers will change us, women.

The social and cultural context we grew up and live in. As well as our belief systems, religion, faith etc…  

My aim is

To support women to regain their power over the bio-psycho-social and cultural health of womanhood, “birth-hood” and motherhood.

To provide progressive information, enabling informed decisions about the care they wish to receive

To help women and families to become confident in parenting

The Culture of the Womanly Art of Birth


When it comes to the perinatal period, nothing is set in stone, as every person and every pregnancy and birth is different so keeping an open-minded approach is crucial to provide the best possible support for my clients.


Listening to my clients is one of the foundations of Womanly. Listening to ideas, thoughts, concerns and worries as well as paying attention to the unspoken words, and body language cues to provide the best possible support.


In my understanding, communication is key to client care and working in a successful partnership therefore I aim to maintain the clearest communication to convey ideas and to make sure that crucial information is clearly expressed and understood.

Growth Mindset

In order to provide the best possible support, continuous professional development is paramount. I am acquiring new knowledge continuously, attending workshops, and reading books not only related to the perinatal period but also that challenge one’s ability to be able to think critically. Sharp mind, decision making and critical thinking are essential values of the Womanly Art of Birth.


Confidentiality, the cultivation of trustworthy interpersonal connections, and the reflection of a discreet and respectful approach are at the heart of Womanly.


We commit to meeting all promises. The clients of Womanly are always well looked after, cared for and nurtured in between sessions as well as at the classes, meetings and other professional arrangements.

First the client

I am dedicated to supporting my clients’ wishes and enhancing their transition to parenthood. I do not make them conform to my ideals. I support all decisions as for me, the client’s wishes are first, and I am loyal to them.

Compassion and passionate support

These two important elements are natural and essential qualities for my personality therefore they are easily integrated into the delicate business of Womanly. Without compassion, there would be no Womanly and without passion, wholehearted and dedicated perinatal support could not be delivered to high standards.

My Background

My initial exposure to the journey of birth was during my degree studies – BA in Cultural Studies. I researched ancient societies, their structure, customs and rites. My main field of research covered the prehistoric ages up to the ancient Mediterranean civilisations. There was a certain point where my exploration became extremely difficult because historically most research is male biased, therefore research carried out and published from female perspectives is hugely marginalised. However, I managed to find valuable studies on matriarchal societies.
Finally, I explored birth anthropology, investigating customs and traditions around pregnancy, birth and becoming a mother, cross-culturally throughout history.

In 2009 I moved to the UK. I recognised how interested and drawn I was to the world of birthing and this interest led me to my next step.

I became a qualified birth and postnatal doula by Nurturing Birth in 2011, providing support from the antenatal to postnatal period for mothers and families.

Being a doula became my passion project and my goal was to empower women to approach labour and birth with confidence and trust in their own biological ability to give birth.

After qualifying as a Doula I then studied Midwifery at the University of West England. During my Midwifery years I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and really enjoyed being a midwife, however I found myself losing out on several elements while working in the NHS.

As many other midwive colleagues of mine I found it difficult to cope with the lack of time to deliver proper care, information and support for women while attending their appointments.

It became clear to me very quickly that being in the system and working with a “conveyor belt” approach was not for me. I therefore began to develop my own private practice and the Science of Birth was ‘born’ in 2018.

After 5 years I have rebranded to the Womanly Art of Birth with the goal of becoming a leader in the field of independent birth support in the UK as well as Internationally through online courses and on-site workshops and presentations.

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