Antenatal Classes

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Every woman has the right to birth as a unique individual and every human being deserves to have the best start to their life.

Good quality and extensive information are key when it comes to pregnancy, labour and birth, and beyond. I aim to provide a high-quality preparation programme built on the most up-to-date non-biased scientific research studies, to enable expectant families to develop a broad understanding of the ins and outs of birthing, contemporary maternity care, birth rights, and more.

Informed consent is enabled when women and families own the knowledge and awareness of both the positive and negative consequences of their decisions.

I aim to provide you with everything you must know, so you can make your choices confidently for yourself and your family.

This course goes more in-depth than any other average antenatal course, as you can see below.

Class Content

  • NFemale biochemistry and its imprint on pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond
  • NChanges during pregnancy
  • NThe development of the foetus
  • NSelf-care, nutrition, exercise, or how to maintain your health and well-being during pregnancy
  • NAn A to Z introduction and explanation of the care offered through the NHS
  • NKnow your birth rights!
  • NBecoming sufficient in using the B.R.A.I.N. method
  • NPressure, Pain or Discomfort? Science and labour pain.
  • NThe risks and benefits of pharmacological pain management
  • NBirth anatomy, physiology and the progress of labour
  • NThe importance of remaining active during pregnancy and labour
  • NMedical interventions, their risks and benefits
  • NThe Microbiome
  • NFatherly support during labour and birth
  • NFemale sexuality and the transition into parenthood
  • NInfant feeding

Antenatal Course Details

This antenatal course runs in a conference style and consists of 6 classes, each session is 2 hours long. Prices are per couple.

Antenatal Course: £280

Venue: Aspire Training, 3 Wollaston Road, Southbourne, BH6 4AR 

Please, make sure you complete the course before 37 weeks of pregnancy. 

Price includes:

– your partner’s attendance

– all handouts and literature

– guest speakers

– complimentary refreshment

– ongoing support throughout your pregnancy

Private and bespoke Antenatal Course in the comfort of you home: £500

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