Maiden to Mother Classes

The feminine mastery of becoming whole women as mothers

The feminine journey expression is as old as time. Stepping into motherhood is part of the feminine journey.

For us women, the ‘heroic journey’ happens within ourselves, the major difference from the masculine heroic journey is that man battles with nature or with the world (examples like the Odyssey, Lord of The Rings).

The feminine journey is a person’s journey into themselves.

The story of life, death, rebirth cycle, enduring a dark period. Let it be a breakup, or any loss that sends us through a transformation where at the end of it we come out as a stronger person. The feminine journey is pretty much an embodied personal transformation.

For women, this journey is about embracing the cycles of life and mastering our inner world (examples like the Wizard of Oz; Eat, Pray, Love, and so on)

Being a woman is a beautiful human experience and an equally complex one too.

This course is dedicated to honour and enhance your transition from “Maidenhood” to Motherhood.

The many different roles we encounter during our lives as women are uncountable and our modern ways of living encourage us to inhabit our masculine side more than our feminine. Which of course is there for us, gives us an immense ability to deliver our projects and be amazingly successful in our careers, and much more thus is an amazing quality.

However, we often get stuck in our head which leaves us sometimes robbed of our soft feminine sides and if we don’t look after our feminine energies, pregnancy and motherhood often come down on us in an avalanche, with its raw, beautiful and natural force.

When it comes to pregnancy, birth and new motherhood women’s focus naturally shifts more towards their softer side, more gentle and creative side. However, this change sometimes can be quite difficult.

I have met many women who find it challenging to find their way back to their sensuality, to still see themselves as separate human beings when they become mothers, or fully immerse themselves in pregnancy, labour and birth as a life-changing and empowering feminine experience.

This programme is dedicated to facilitating the rite of passage every woman has to go through when they become a mother.

This course is for those

  • NWho are walking the ‘feminine journey’
  • NWho love getting their body moving
  • NWho enjoys creativity
  • NWho loves spending time among like-minded women
  • NWho enjoys tuning in to their feminine energies
  • NWho wish to learn techniques that facilitate the feminine flow of life

Carl Gustave Jung (psychologist) coined the term “archetypes”.

Jungian archetypes are defined as images and themes that originate from the collective unconscious. Archetypes have worldwide meanings across cultures. Jung (1947) believed that symbols from different cultures are often very similar because they have emerged from archetypes shared by the whole human race which are part of our collective unconscious.

Unfortunately, the dominant patriarchal culture of our Western world devalued feminine qualities and gave power to the persona (the mask we all wear or have to wear) which gave rise to a way of life that goes unquestioned by millions in their everyday life.

He explored 4 major archetypes, and his work since has been researched and developed by a number of Jungian psychologists, analysts, mythologists, and so on.

In the Maiden to Mother programme we are going to focus on three significant feminine archetypes that are relevant to the feminine journey, especially to ‘birth-hood’, womanhood and motherhood.

Feminine qualities are essential as without them, humankind would not exist. Women have been robbed for a very long time of the true depth of these qualities.

I believe, now is the time to take responsibility for our pleasure in being women, to commit to feeling good, to commit to our happiness, to commit to our vital life-giving feminine energies, and purely taking care of ourselves. In honour of our life and in honour of our whole family, as you know, a happy mum means a happy baby and a happy family!

Maiden to Mother Course Details

This programme consists of 3x, 2 hours-long sessions where we will take a journey through various female archetypes by way of art, meditation, visualisation, breathing exercises and dancing.

Maiden to Mother Course: £280

Venue: Aspire Training, 3 Wollaston Road, Southbourne, BH6 4AR 

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