From our happy clients

I always knew that one day, when I became pregnant, I would definitely want to give birth to my child at home. I read a great book where midwives help deliver children in completely natural conditions. I wish to have that too and that’s how I found Bernadett. I felt that I would need someone who could mentally support and help us on this journey, especially during labour and birth. I have to say that fate brought me together with the perfect person, woman. There is some ancient, visceral wisdom and strength in it when a woman supports another. I am indescribably grateful to Bernadett for her support, her kindness and the certainty she invested in me that I would be able to give birth to my child.

So my confidence in this regard has increased enormously! In the end, I gave birth to my child in a hospital as unfortunately, they couldn’t send a midwife to our home, but it was a wonderful and powerful experience. Every minute is a real treasure. Thank you, dear Bernadett!! I am grateful for everything!


I hired Bernadett after the traumatic birth of my first child left me terrified of giving birth again. When I initially contacted her in the middle of my second pregnancy, she warmly listened to my story and gave me the compassion i needed to start finally processing the trauma, 4.5 years after the event. I knew from her gentle and warm approach that she would be the right doula for me, to empower me to get through this scary time and to increase my chances of having a memorable birth for all the right reasons this time.

I wasn’t disappointed. Bernadett delivered everything I had hoped and more. I feel I wouldn’t have had the confidence and wisdom to make the right choices for me had I not had her by my side.

I particularly would reccommend her to anyone who suffered a traumatic birth as her knowledge of birth rights, her knowledge of both physiological and medicalised birth and her empathetic personality were all so essential for me.

I am one very happy new mum, and a big part of that is thanks to the amazing support I received from Bernadett


I’ve had a traumatic birth experience that I couldn’t accept for months. I decided to ask for help so I contacted Bernadett. Her kind and gentle approach helped me understand and accept what happened in my birth and release the anger, frustration that I felt every day. I am truly grateful for her support, compassionate care and love and I wish her the best to empower other mums too in this challenging life transition.


I found Bernadett on Dorset Doulas, and I’m so glad I did. I had a traumatic first birth that resulted in C section and wanted a change for my Second. Upon meeting we were on the same wave length and I knew I wanted her to be the support I so desperately needed the first time but thankfully would be having for my second.We had lots of sessions together where she taught me about biomechanics of birth which was so interesting and we did a couple of hypnobirthing sessions which I found quite beneficial to get out of my own head.She was always there for me when I needed to talk and the main person I would go to for advice and comfort about trying for my VBAC. she was so comforting and helped calm my nerves and doubt lots of the time.The birth went great. Obviously had twists and turns as do all births…but Bernadett was with me from the very start, when we were laboring at home and when we decided it was time to head to the hospital. She helped me power on with my unmedicated birth and I achieved my VBAC which I was so desperate for after my first.Felt so great and couldn’t have done it without her!Thank you so much Bernadett!


Me and my partner had both hypnobirth and birth preparation course with Bernadett and we were both very happy. On the birth prep as well as being very thorough she always gave us real life examples so we could relate to something. On hypnobirth we’ve learnt and practiced a lot of different techniques for relaxation and getting / staying in the right mindset through the birth. We’ve realised that it is extremely important for the birth partner to be prepared too.

Highly recommend it!


Dear Bernadett

When we were planning to have a second child, we knew already that we would like to have you as a Doula once we conceive.
We have learned a lot during our antenatal sessions. What we didn’t understand you were able to explain to us clearly.
The HypnoBirthing, Biomechanics for birth and the belly dancing sessions, and each of the great advice we received from you, all contributed to the fact that everything was going well during the pregnancy.
It also gave us peace of mind, that you’d be able to help us in case of possible language barriers. Even as the birth approached, we felt absolutely safe. Your presence during the birth, your help, and the breathing exercises all contributed to the fact that I was able to give birth to our second child without pain relief at the hospital.
We are all grateful for the support and help you gave us.


I had a Hypnobirthing course with lovely Bernadett and I would say this was the best thing what I’ve done during pregnancy. I gain so much knowledge about birthing and the whole science behind it. She made me to understand the whole process better, especially with a first baby, and prepare my mind in a very positive way. Positive thoughts and being relaxed, that’s what I needed during this time!

I also want to thank Bernadett for all the support she gave me, even in the most unexpected situations… everyone’s experience is different and it’s just so good to have such a knowledgeable and experienced person, I can ask advice for. Thank you


If I had to think in one word that defines Bernadette that would be ‘magical’. Unique as a human being, so professional and kind person. I would definitely recommend her services as she saved both of my labours with her knowledge and techniques provided.


The knowledge Bernadett shared with us was invaluable and her passion and dedication was very empowering! It was the right decision to choose Bernadett as our doula. She has a very calm, understanding and approachable personality. She was always there to support me throughout my pregnancy when I had any concerns or questions. She always put our mind at ease and understood what we needed. At the birth she was a wonderful support. I can highly recommend The Science of Birth, Bernadett really gives 200% to her services and her work is invaluable to families! Thank you again.


Bernadett is incredible!

She is knowledgable, genuinely passionate, professional and sooo organised! With her warm approach, she makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, while delivering lots of priceless information and preparing you for the journey!

I am extremely grateful to have chosen hypnobirthing lessons with Bernadett as I feel ready and in control of my experience.

Thank you


She is an absolute treasure.
I got to know Bernadett, as our kids attended the the same kids class. I wish I knew her before, as my first pregnancy/birth was a difficult one, and I left with loads of questions unanswered.
My water level was very low, and I was induced, which lead to an emergency c section and a 10 day hospital stay after birth. I had so much fear and doubts starting my second pregnancy.
Bernadett helped me to obtain all my hospital documents from my first pregnancy/ birth and helped me to understand what did actually happenned before/ during / after birth. I was so much more confident having her by my side and I felt safe knowing that there is someone who is there ansewring my questions and a familiar face I can rely on. We had regular meetings throughout my second pregnancy and she was a vital support. I just wish I knew her before!

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