The Road to Independence

I would like to take you on the journey that enabled me to become the birth professional I am today and to build this unique programme that helped many women, parents and families to establish a wonderful start…

The background for my childhood was provided by the Hungarian countryside where I spent most of my holidays. I was a child when I first witnessed our domesticated animals giving birth. The experience of welcoming a new life into this world filled me with awe and set me off on my journey from an incredibly young age.

Studying human biology and history of womankind

In term time, our family lived a city life where I dedicated myself to study human biology, sociology, psychology, ancient history, applied art and culture. I have always had a passion for reading medical books, books on psychology, the history of womankind and ancient myths and legends.

I was always hungry for information and I have always enjoyed learning and discovering, which spiralled into my free time complementing other interests such as dancing and creative writing. ​

As an adolescent, I was often asked what profession I would like to pursue. I always given a long elaboration as there was no profession that encompassed my calling. I was dreaming big from a very young age.

When I turned 18, I decided to study applied art (BA in cultural studies) and I gained a degree in cultural management. During my studies, I researched ancient societies, their structure, customs and rites. My main field of research covered the prehistoric ages up to the ancient Mediterranean civilisations. ​

In 2000, I began to learn Raqs Sharqi (Egyptian belly dance) which became a passion, a way of self-expression and a lifestyle of mine. I ventured on to research the history of this dance and its status in prehistoric and ancient societies. This research started as a hobby but soon took a professional spin. There was a certain point where my exploration became extremely difficult because historically most research is male biased, therefore research carried out and published from female perspectives is hugely marginalised. However, I managed to find valuable studies on matriarchal societies.

Finally, I explored birth anthropology, investigating customs and traditions around pregnancy, birth and becoming a mother, cross-culturally throughout history. ​

I carried out these studies aiming to understand us, humans, more. How we lead our lives; what we base our decisions on; how we deal with certain stages of life (childhood, adolescence, adulthood, becoming a parent etc.) and with major life events such as birth and death. How we explain our existence and how we approach nature; the “supernatural” and science. ​

I moved to the United Kingdom in 2009 to study English language and began to prepare for my University studies. ​

I recognised how interested and drawn I was to the world of birthing and this interest lead me to my next step: I decided to support mothers and families during pregnancy, birth and beyond.​​

Becoming a qualified doula

I became a qualified birth and postnatal doula by Nurturing Birth in 2011, providing support from the antenatal to postnatal period for mothers and families.

Being a doula became my passion project and my goal was to empower women to approach labour and birth with confidence and trust in their own biological ability to give birth.

Midwifery studies at The University of the West of England.

During my Midwifery years I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and really enjoyed being a midwife, however I found myself losing out on several elements while working in the NHS.

As many other midwives’ colleagues of mine I found it difficult to cope with the lack of time to deliver proper care, information and support for women while attending their appointments. I often felt that I had to choose whom to be loyal to, the NHS or the people under my care.

I felt this discrepancy would break my oath and it became clear to me very quickly that being in the system and working with a “conveyor belt” approach was not for me.

I therefore began to develop my own private practice.

The Womanly Art of Birth programme is a uniquely complex programme, catering to all aspects of pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. 

Let’s explore the wide range of services available to You through the Womanly Art of Birth!

with Womanly love,


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